Colorado HealthOP Health Insurance Benefits

Bottom line: Colorado HealthOP rewards members for taking healthy actions and helps you take charge of your health.


  1. Colorado HealthOP says:

    Colorado HealthOP benefits reward members and help them take charge of
    their own health. #video

  2. Colorado HealthOP says:

    We’re putting the benefit back into health insurance by rewarding our
    members. Watch our #video to discover how!

  3. Colorado HealthOP says:

    Hmmmm, rewards. They always go so nicely with health insurance – at least,
    that’s the way we see it.

  4. Colorado HealthOP says:

    Colorado HealthOP rewards members who strive for better health. We’re
    putting the benefit back into health insurance!

  5. Colorado HealthOP says:

    Three words: Value-Based Benefits. (OK, that’s actually two words.)
    Three actions: annual wellness visit, health screening, and health survey.

    What does that mean? Enhanced benefits. Watch the video to learn how this
    helps you.

  6. Colorado HealthOP says:

    In our health insurance plans, when you do more, you get more. Lower costs,
    better providers, and you’re in charge.

    If that sounds remotely appealing to you, watch and share our video – and
    call 855-796-7676 to learn more.